Smoked Hickory Peppered Beef Jerky (Thick)


Pepper thick, hickory smoked. Price is per pound.

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Known as the “Jerky Capital of the World” for good reason, Woody’s serves up the best jerky going. Packed with flavor and so melt-in-your-mouth tender, you can’t beat a piece of jerky from Woody’s. One slice is guaranteed to make you want more. Sample the best today!

Beef Strips are rubbed with black pepper and cured with water, salt, sugar, and sodium nitrite.

Cooking Instructions
Fully cooked and ready to eat.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 oz. (28g)
Serving Per Container: Varied
Amount Per Serving
Calories 50 Calories from Fat 20
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 2.5g 3%
Saturated Fat 1g 4%
Cholesterol 20mg 7%
Sodium 180mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Protein 8g
Iron 4%
*Not a significant source of Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium.
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000